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Be Careful of Fraudulent Guarantor Documents

June 19, 2017

Be Careful of Fraudulent Guarantor Documents It is quite common in N Ireland for a landlord or letting agent to request the tenant to provide a guarantor who must be a home owner in the UK. Most landlords request the Guarantor to sign an agreement to cover the rent not paid or any damage that…

What happens when you go to a Small Claims Court?

May 9, 2013

It is not something you may wish to do but there may come a time when you find yourself being taken to Small Claims Court or having to take a tenant to the Small Claims Court.  Do you know what to expect? I have just discovered this very useful and informative document from Northern Ireland…

Making a Small Claim

November 14, 2010

A claim can be downloaded from The applicant is the landlord and the respondent is the tenant/s and the guarantor if taken. The small court is user friendly and landlords do not need to engage a solicitor. Keep the to facts, example: The guarantor “ x” signed on the “x”. Tenant signed “X signed…