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Landlords Association for Northern Ireland

Privacy Policy


Membership of the Landlords Association for Northern Ireland requires acceptance of our privacy policy. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Storage and Use of your Personal Data

As a member of LANI we must store personal information provided by you when you register. This includes your name and email address together with other information such as your postal address and telephone number. This information is stored in a secure database on our website.

As a membership organisation we may need to communicate with our members by post, by telephone or by email. We must therefore store your name and email address on our secure email systems. When we need to make group announcements, it is not practical or advisable to use a standard email service as these are not designed for bulk mailing. For serving these emails to our members we use MailChimp.

Your name and email address are not publicised, neither do we provide them to third parties for marketing purposes.

We display ads on our website from companies selected by us who pay us directly to do so. We use Google Ad Manager to serve these ads to your device. We have chosen through this service only to show non-personalised ads and not to use GPS location data from your device. The service may store cookies on your device, but not for ad personalisation.

We offer a weekly email containing links to the latest news articles published on our website. You can opt out of these emails at any time. As a member you can access the same articles by visiting the website directly.


Online Payments

Online payments are processed by our third party card processing company Stripe. We do not store payment information in our own database. When you enter payment details, these are sent directly to Stripe who are bound by the relevant compliance laws in relation to processing and storage of payment data.


Data Security

You are responsible for choosing a secure password in order to protect the information you’ve provided on the website. In addition to protecting your data, a secure password helps to ensure that an unauthorised person does not use your account to impersonate you within the association.

You must take reasonable steps to ensure your password is not disclosed to an unauthorised person. You have the option to change your password at any time via the membership section of the website.

Products and Services

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I joined LANI because I felt I needed more support and information than I had been getting. In attending the General Meetings I have met many other landlords who face the same issues as myself and I have been able to keep myself up to date with the changes taking place.

SP, Lisburn

I joined LANI because it seemed like the most professional body representing landlords in Northern Ireland. I wouldn’t have known about the changes to the landlords rates or saved myself that 15% on all my properties.

LJ, Dungannon

I have found my membership very beneficial. I now belong to an organisation that is dedicated to our profession and which knows the laws and legislation that go along with it. They are able to keep us up to date with impending changes and represent the Private Landlord at many levels of Government.

JMcS, Newcastle

The advice line is brilliant; whenever I have a problem the office staff takes my enquiry and someone gets back to me with the most up-to-date information.

KR, Portadown

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for last nights get together which was highly informative. Without LANI, landlords quite simply are silenced and the work which you and all the team do is very gratefully appreciated by me.

SM, Belfast