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Universal Credit – Transitional Payment

Universal Credit - Transitional Payment As part of the 2017 Autumn Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a package of measures aimed at ensuring that claimants receive either more or earlier access to their benefits. From 11 April 2018, claimants who are...

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HMRC End of Year Tasks

We’ve got the latest information on end of year tasks, expenses and benefits in kind with this selection of online help for you. Links provided in the full news article.

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Housing Executive Private Tenants Survey 2016

The report indicates high levels of satisfaction amongst tenants with both their landlord/letting agent and their home. It covers a range of topics including affordability, the landlord-tenant relationship, future intentions and regulation within the sector. The survey indicated that private renting provides an accessible housing option for a wide range of households, especially when other alternatives are not available.

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I joined LANI because I felt I needed more support and information than I had been getting. In attending the General Meetings I have met many other landlords who face the same issues as myself and I have been able to keep myself up to date with the changes taking place.

SP, Lisburn

I joined LANI because it seemed like the most professional body representing landlords in Northern Ireland. I wouldn’t have known about the changes to the landlords rates or saved myself that 15% on all my properties.

LJ, Dungannon

I have found my membership very beneficial. I now belong to an organisation that is dedicated to our profession and which knows the laws and legislation that go along with it. They are able to keep us up to date with impending changes and represent the Private Landlord at many levels of Government.

JMcS, Newcastle

The advice line is brilliant; whenever I have a problem the office staff takes my enquiry and someone gets back to me with the most up-to-date information.

KR, Portadown