Have you been affected by any of the these issues? 1. Non-payment of rent 2. Evicition 3. HMO 4. Disrepair by tenant 5. Housing Benefit 6. Legislation / Regulation 7. Universal Credit

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Rates allowance deadline for landlords fast approaching – To be cleared by 29 September

Rates allowance deadline for landlords fast approaching Date published: 12 September 2017 Topics: Property rating Time is...

As a Landlord do you know your responsibilities to HMRC??? Here’s some help…

If you are an unincorporated landlord and have income from property, here is some help...

Why should you attend the General Meeting Next Wednesday

Please see letter below regarding the new way rates is being treated with the...

About LANI

LANI is an association whose members are involved in renting private residential accommodation throughout Northern Ireland.

Our membership has grown to reflect the increased importance of the private rental sector in the economy and the rewards of membership through our strength in numbers.

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20+ Years experience, advice and guidance with landlords in Northern Ireland.

10+ Opportunities to meet fellow landlords every year through our information evenings and events.

Landlords’ Testimonials

"Your guidance and letter of support in my appeal gained me a full back payment of £2,250 which I was sure was beyond recall."

Mr A J, Belfast

"The insurance discount has saved me over £100 on one property alone."

W W, County Tyrone

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