How to ensure you evict your tenant legally

How to ensure you evict your tenant legally

If you were unable to make it along to the General Meeting on 24 January 2018 we now have a copy of the speakers notes. Do you know how to keep on the right side of the law with a problematic tenant???

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When do existing Housing Benefit Claimants transfer to Universal Credit?

New Schedule for implementation of Universal Credit in Northern Ireland

The introduction of Universal Credit is the most significant change to the welfare system in generations. Therefore in line with measures aimed at ensuring claimants receive either more or earlier access to their payments, announced by the Chancellor in the Autumn Budget (2017), the Department for Communities has decided to extend the Northern Ireland roll out to complete in December 2018. The revised rollout schedule is included in this news article.

The introduction of Universal Credit is the most significant change to the welfare system in
generations and I look forward to working with you to ensure that it continues to be
implemented successfully in Northern Ireland in the coming weeks and months.
Please contact if you have any questions

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I joined LANI because I felt I needed more support and information than I had been getting. In attending the General Meetings I have met many other landlords who face the same issues as myself and I have been able to keep myself up to date with the changes taking place.

SP, Lisburn

I joined LANI because it seemed like the most professional body representing landlords in Northern Ireland. I wouldn’t have known about the changes to the landlords rates or saved myself that 15% on all my properties.

LJ, Dungannon

I have found my membership very beneficial. I now belong to an organisation that is dedicated to our profession and which knows the laws and legislation that go along with it. They are able to keep us up to date with impending changes and represent the Private Landlord at many levels of Government.

JMcS, Newcastle

The advice line is brilliant; whenever I have a problem the office staff takes my enquiry and someone gets back to me with the most up-to-date information.

KR, Portadown

I just wanted to reach out and thank you for last nights get together which was highly informative. Without LANI, landlords quite simply are silenced and the work which you and all the team do is very gratefully appreciated by me.

SM, Belfast